Who We Are

Everitt & Schilling Tile is the story of two incredible families that started their pursuit of the American dream by immigrating to the United States in the first part of the 20th century.  The early Schilling families were German- Russian craftsmen who left their home town of Denhoff, Russia and became migrant farmers in America until they could re-establish their reputation as the skilled artisans they were.  This is a legacy that has been inherited by Luke Schilling, the family’s fourth American generation of tile installation craftsmen.

The Everitt family has always been in some form of the lumber business.  From the early days of the Oklahoma land rush, to the development and homebuilding company that is now managed by it’s fourth generation son, Aaron Everitt, the family has always been keenly aware of the generosity that creation has bestowed in its resource of wood.

These two families were joined together in the late 1960’s in the small community of Fort Collins, Colorado and now both Luke and Aaron have joined to marry the best of their talents in Everitt & Schilling Tile.

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Giving Back


Everitt & Schilling Tile is  a company that believes that our responsibilities are not just to ourselves – but to the community and the world we live in.  That’s why a portion of all of our proceeds are donated to charities that help change the direction and lives of people who are less fortunate than ourselves.  We are blessed to live and work in such a great place and we believe we have a responsibility to share in the benefits we are the recipients of.

Our growing list of charities include:

Compassion International

Project 7

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