Gallery of Reclaimed wood tile

  • Hotel Derek
  • Supply & Installation Courtesy of The Eco Floor Store, Surrey, BC Canada
  • Reception Area
  • E & S Timberline Planks
  • Lemay Natural
  • Herringbone Backsplash Mulberry Whitewash
  • Collins at the Hotel Derek
  • Timberline Wall Planks
  • Collins at the Hotel Derek
  • Lemay Pattern in the Flow of Design
  • Collins on the Ceiling
  • White Wash Boardwalk
  • Zzz's 1
  • Linden at Odell's Brewery
  • Natural Parkwood
  • Gunstock Parkwood
  • Timberline Planks - Living Room
  • Gunstock Parkwood Up Close
  • Linden Accents
  • Barnwood Tile Textures
  • Barnwood Colors And Textures
  • Dining Room Wall Of Barnwood

Here is a collection of some of the best installs of our eco-friendly, re-claimed barn board and re-purposed hard wood tile.