Designer Amy Laner on Parkwood Tile

Parkwood TileYou have used whitewash parkwood in a few of your latest designs, what do you like about that particular tile from Everitt & Schilling.

Whitewash Parkwood captures a “repurposed refined” look that offers a shabby chic impression. The distressed whitewashed finished reveals a slight warmth of the wood, yet the smooth face and clean-cut edges of the material collectively creates a final product unlike any of our other products.

You use E & S Products often in your designs.  What are your three favorite qualities about the tiles, and how do they help your design process?

1: Texture!! This quality is key and adds the element of visual appeal and that urge to touch these amazing and stimulating materials. Also don’t forget its sound absorbing capabilities. It’s my favorite-looking soundboard for sure.  Say goodbye to plain and common!

2: Timeless… Wood is a material that can, and in our opinion should, be incorporated into all design concepts. Given the options available in the E&S line, the flexibility of color, finish, texture, pattern, and size allows this material to be any space.

3: The story behind material! We find our clients seek not only great design and function but also purpose. Knowing the story creates a sense of pride and a desire to tell the background to everyone. From the reclaimed and re-purposed story behind E&S products, to the story of the company’s roots and the locally handcrafted origins, this product is show-and-tell worthy! Ask the owner/entrepreneurs themselves about their family investment and creating products that start with local scraps and become community treasures!

Why do your clients like Everitt & Schilling Tile?

Like it? They love it! For everybody from architects to do-it-yourselfers, E&S Wood Tiles are making dream designs happen across the nation. It’s the design element that truly allows our clients to love the space they are in!


Parkwood Tile

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