Thanks For Registering Your Project

Thank you for your registering your project with us! Everitt & Schilling is the finest wood wall tile anywhere and we are certain that the addition of E&S to your project will be a signature design feature. We know that building relationships within the design community is an imperative portion of our business and we really value the fact that you took some time out to let us know about the project you are working on. As soon as we can, we will have our team enter this into our system so that when the job comes through we can notify you or re-route the project back through your network. While you wait for our incredible team to contact you, take a few minutes and watch this video that shows off how much goes into each piece of tile. What you will soon be holding in your hands or putting on your wall has been touched a minimum of 64 times for each piece of tile by our artisans in Colorado. As you explore more to find out about this incredible tile, be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or find out why we started our company.


Thanks again for taking some time out to register this project, we are thrilled that you have chosen E&S Tile in your design! Be sure to visit our project gallery of Wood Wall Tile to see how these amazing American made tiles will soon be transforming your design!  You can also download our Catalog so you can see the variety of recycled wood tile we have to offer.


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