Using Wood Tile in a Small Bathroom

Need ideas for a small bathroom?  In design some of the hardest spaces to design around are the areas that feel the most constrained.  Sometimes a space like a small powder room or an undersized master bath are the very spaces that need the most thoughtful attention.  Everitt & Schilling Tile is exactly the right solution for this conundrum!  By using a small amount of material in a natural product such as our recycled barnwood tile or our up-cycled hardwood tile you can instantly transform these troubling small bathroom spaces.  Take a look at this gallery of great ideas and then contact us for more information on how simple it is to transform these challenging spaces.

Use a small wainscot of our reclaimed wood wall tile to change a small space and get the warm feeling of wood within minutes.  Our wall tiles come on our proprietary backer that can be installed with ultra-light thinset or construction adhesive.

By using an incredible material like barnwood, you can immediately bring the warmth of a natural material into a space and make a room feel better and highly designed.  Wood is unique and beautiful and with our ceramic coating, safe for any splash application in a small bathroom.

Check out this wall treatment!  Just a small amount of our herringbone wood wall tile, could make an immediate impact on the back wall of a small powder bathroom or solve your difficult small master bathroom problem.

Our natural hardwood tile is an amazing texture for any space.  Here this small application makes the room dynamic and beautiful and it didn’t require a massive overhaul of the space prior to its installation.  With the perforated backing material, our tiles can be installed over just about any substrate without much preparation. seo analysis website  It’s lightweight and easy to install and is a price competitive alternative to other wall treatments.  Can you imagine something like this in your design?  What a great solution to your small bathroom problem!

And finally could you imagine what this kind of treatment could do on the ceiling of your small bathroom!  This material is an instant statement and combines an incredible look with an amazing story.  Each tile is touched a minimum of 64 times as it moves from standing to barn to shipped tile material.  For a small cost and with a little creativity, Everitt & Schilling wood wall tile is the perfect solution for your small bathroom space!

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