Using Reclaimed Wood Tile

Have a project in mind for Everitt & Schilling’s wood wall tile?  We love seeing the creative ideas that our eco-friendly tiles are used for.  Below is a list of guidelines for the use of our tiles along with some our most commonly asked questions.

Common Areas For Installation

Wall Decor – Perhaps our most commonly used application for the tile, wall decor is the easiest and most transformational installation of our tile.  Added as a floor to ceiling or smaller art piece installation this is a beautiful and simple way to transform a space.

Backsplashes – Added behind a tub, sink or under cabinets, Everitt & Schilling Tile is an amazing way to update a bathroom or kitchen.  There are multiple examples of how this incredible wood wall tile can instantly create depth and texture to some of the more dramatic spaces in a home.  There are local fire codes for the use of the wood tile behind a gas stove, but in general the tile can be used behind many cooktops and ranges that meet the local code requirements.  We always encourage you to explore further with your local code administrator about the use of these materials before you purchase.

Fireplaces – Used above and around a fireplace, Everitt & Schilling Tile can be a dramatic addition to the central feature of the living space.  Each local jurisdiction and fireplace manufacturer has its own set of codes associated with the non-combustible surrounding of the fire box and these codes should be confirmed prior to purchase.  The wood tile is not fireproof and caution and prudence should be used when considering this application.

Showers – Although the idea of a wood tile shower may be a creative application, we do not recommend or warranty our product if used in this application.  Because it is a grout-less product, extreme damage can be done to the product and the walls behind an installation of this nature.

Exterior Applications – There are a few instances where our wood tiles can be used in an exterior application, but in general we do not recommend it as a general application.  Outdoor patios that are covered, or sheltered from the elements are the exceptions to the rule.  However it should be expected that if the tile is used in an exterior application, the finish and wood color will change significantly.  Cracking and splitting of the wood may also occur with more frequency in these outdoor applications.

Signage – Interior signage backdrops, cash wraps and reception desks are a fantastic use for our wood wall plans, and eco-friendly wood wall tile.

Re-Surfacing of Interior Masonry Walls – Because our tiles are set like standard ceramic or porcelain tile, E & S Tile is a perfect material to cover bland basement  or interior masonry walls.  In general these tiles can be installed directly over brick, cinder block, or  concrete material.  If the surface is polished or slick like marble, additional preparation will need to be considered.

Commercial Applications – Everitt & Schilling’s Wood tile is found in its most dramatic form in hospitality and commercial applications.  Our products have been used and specified in hotels, restaurants and food service establishments all over the United States and Canada.  In the instance where fire codes require a treatment for rating in a commercial space, a fire treatment can be applied afterward to achieve a class B rating.

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